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LaundryList is a simple, yet powerful application that let’s you have complete management of your laundry.

LaundryList allows you to track your laundry by count and date, so you will never lose a clothe at laundry ever again.

You can also easily track the cost of your laundry by pre-setting your cost for each item. Laundry List even lets you specify different costs for wash, iron or dry cleaning.

Once you have confirmed you have picked up correct count of clothing for correct price, LaundryList lets you indicate this, and manages Picked up lists separately for your future reference.

You can also share your laundry lists directly from LaundryList via email, to ask for your friend’s help to pick them up.

Whether it be your weekly washing from your local laundry, or hotel laundry during your business trip, let LaundryList take care of your laundry needs.

Features List
  • Keep separate list, showing count and cost, for each laundry visit.
  • Set your prices for each item - for wash, iron and dry-cleaning.
  • Use Report button to calculate exact count and cost of laundry for a specified period.
  • Share your laundry details via email.
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